Samuel Jackson

BA (Hons) Photography

Award Category


Dragon Island

Artist Statement

Through the construct of a fictional island space, Dragon Island seeks to explore the abstract manifested – presenting at once a paradox of the literal and figurative. The mythos of the dragon is attached to be both provocative and interpretive; the creature itself is represented at the edge of our collective imagination, within the bounds of capable thought but fundamentally fantastical. The island serves to contain such spectres within an observable state. It is a singular place where the paradox can inhabit.

Nominator Statement

Sam’s work has a level of complexity rarely (if ever) seen at undergraduate level. His knowledge of photographic discourse is only surpassed by his attention to detail, endless work ethic and exquisite technical skill.  This work engages with an abstracted view of the natural world, questioning inherent humanistic traits, such has hope, optimism or conversely futility and desperation. A fitting piece of work for the time and a masterclass in composition and lighting. A true reminder of the power of still imagery.