Jack Woodward

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Award Category
Fine Art


Explosion no.1

Artist Statement

I make whatever comes into my head immediately, this spirals out of control until I end up immersed in my work. I work similar to how children create and play – whatever comes into their mind as a thing to make inhabits their being. The fun I experience when making causes explosions of energy, creating everything from animals to vehicles in ten minutes. I just make things intuitively, my work celebrates the vague and the imperfect, and it has a charm that makes people smile. I live in the work and become part of it; it is an extension of me.

Nominator Statement

Jack Woodward has been an outstanding student throughout the three years of his degree in Fine Art. He has consistently achieved a high standard of work while being fully engaged in the studio culture of the course. All of our students know Jack, his work and his presence in the studio continues to have a positive impact on his cohort, and other students across the three years of the degree course. He epitomises the freedom and experimental nature of Fine Art practice.

Explosion no.1