Georgina Atkinson

BA (Hons) Fashion Brand Promotion with Photography

Award Category


Fighting Against Suicidal Thoughts movement (FAST)

Artist Statement

This new brand aims to challenge the stigma behind depression and reduce the number of males who suffer in silence. The organisation will initially be an online platform for males to follow, find podcasts and watch talks by motivational speakers prompting males to keep engaged with the brand as it develops. After 12 months a lifestyle and wellbeing app ‘Tap IN’, aimed at millennial male consumers, will be released to help users change their daily cycle, become more aware of their own feelings and improve their wellbeing.

Nominator Statement

After thorough research into current and social trends, Georgina has created a service that is aimed to be influential to the healthcare industry and create meaningful awareness.  During her studies, Georgina has taken a strong interest into more purposeful and charitable brands, which was continued during her year in industry.  Georgina is a fun and extremely conscientious student who has impressed the course team with her dedication and hard work over this last academic year.

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