Ashley Collier

BA (Hons) Animation

Award Category



Artist Statement

A powerful and thought-provoking short animated film that addresses racism in this country. It is about an individual who receives abuse from the general public and is told in first person to reveal that even the vulnerable are targets. This has been a research project, which succeeds in many areas and tackles a difficult subject, creating a fresh perspective with empathy and a strong, clear, accessible visual language.

Nominator Statement

Ashley has continued to produce work to the highest standard and this has been evident in his success as regional winner of the Royal Television Society awards for his second year film. He has been nominated for the National Royal Television Society award this June. As a mature student and family man who has also needed to work to maintain his financial stability, he is a credit to this course and to the university. He is about to begin work as an intern directing a series of animations about King Kong with the company Left Coast.