Amelia Robertson

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Award Category


Survival Is Not Mandatory

Artist Statement

My collection is a true mix of delicacy and robust – fusing the historic idea of survival with elements of a modern day nomadic lifestyle. Archive features such as multi-functional straps, buckles and belts are adapted for contemporary technological devices. Tough utilitarian silhouettes and details fuse with feminine delicacy, a contrast taken across styling and fabrications. Re-used vintage treasures inform details to help create a blend of high functionality alongside a contemporary performance sports look. Native American Art informs the pattern that appears sporadically throughout the collection giving a nod towards the applique badges found on vintage luggage. The outerwear garments are inspired by military functional accessories combined with inspiration taken from multi-cultural nomads. The roll-up backs on my coats are influenced by sleeping bags found on the military uniform packs. These details are attached with military strapping and chunky, vintage buckles to create a bold silhouette.

Nominator Statement

Amelia Robertson has shown sheer dedication and a determined drive to push her creative talents to the limit throughout her final year. She has produced directional 2D creative design work that is both in-depth and extensive and has excelled in translating her work into accomplished 3D fashion collections. Her multiple skills and talent equip her in delivering unique and cutting-edge ideas, elements that are vital to the fashion industry. Amelia has triple threat qualities, she is directional, passionate and relevant, all of which will make her stand out in a sector that relies on such inspirational individuals who go the extra mile.